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“Mad for Mosaics!” Collage Art Workshop

With inspiration from color, pattern and shape and guidance from local collage artist Lisa Handley, students will create paper mosaic college art during this 2-hour workshop. Fun projects will include tile, jigsaw puzzle and crazy quilt paper mosaic designs. Enjoy a creative morning of “March madness!” All materials provided.

Ages: 8 – 12
Date: Saturday, March 24, 2018
Hours: 3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Location: The Lyceum
Size: Up to 8 students
Instructor: Lisa Handley
Fee: $30

1073 Sixth Street
“MeCards and My New Year” Workshop

Similar to the parent process of SoulCollage® for older children and adults, MeCards4Kids™ encourages creative self-expression and offers a fun and engaging opportunity for young children to explore, enjoy and appreciate their inner and outer worlds. MeCards are collaged with gathered images and imagination to represent different personality parts, feelings, interests or experiences, to honor family, friends, pets or heroes, to tell stories and much more. A deck of MeCards becomes a wonderful visual journal!

During this 2-hour workshop, SoulCollage® facilitator and artist Lisa Handley will provide guidance and encouragement as each participant gathers an assortment of images to create a MeCard that conveys their hopes, wishes and dreams for the New Year. They will also enjoy a journaling activity with their new card. All materials will be provided.

Ages: 8 to 12
Date: Saturday, January 27, 2018
Hours: 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Location: The Lyceum
Size: Up to 8 participants
Instructor: Lisa Handley
Fee: $30

1073 Sixth Street
ARIEL Theatrical

ARIEL is a nonprofit organization that offers year-round programs in theatre arts for children and adolescents.

P.O. Box 1268
Salinas CA, 93902
Art Classes with Jane Flury

Classes are for 5 to 105 years old.
The criteria is a will to learn.
45.00 per hour and half
3 class minimum paid in advance
This is a science based curriculum in a fun and relaxed environment

By Arrangement
Art Studio Monterey

Kim and Cindy use an academic-based art program and offer classes in the following categories:

  • Drawing Through the Alphabet for children ages 4 through 6
  • Drawing Through Geography for ages 6 through 10
  • Basic Drawing for children 6 through 12
  • Math Tutoring and Art for grades 3 – 5
  • Intermediate Drawing for ages 8 through adult
  • Advanced Drawing for ages 12 through adult


851 Laine St
Monterey, CA 93940
(831) 236-1385
Batik Workshop

Batik is the ancient decorative art of creating designs on fabric using dyes along with a “resist”, such as melted bees wax. The oldest known examples are on silk screens in Japan, from the Sui Dynasty (AD 581-618). Today, batik is mostly associated with Indonesia, which maintains a vibrant culture of batik producers.

In this workshop, the student will learn how to use traditional batik dying methods to create a contemporary, personalized work of art on cotton cloth. The workshop will focus on the following skill building processes:

Focus on simple designs that exploit the spontaneous and organic nature of batik. Learn the essential ordering of building the design from lightest to darkest color. Build your individual style with the use of color and the unique effects available to you with this ancient decorative method.

Ages: 12 – Adult
Dates: Saturday, May 19, 2018
Hours: 10:30am – 3:30pm
Location: The Lyceum
Instructor: Kate Warthen
Class Size: Limited to 8 Students
Fee: $70 (materials included)

1073 Sixth Street
Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County

The community stands witness to the challenges of under privileged kids that want, and deserve, a chance for a full and rewarding life. This chance is well within reach, with help from our community.The Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County have been a vital part of this community for over 45 years.
1332 La Salle Ave.
Seaside CA, 93955
Camerata Singers of Monterey County

The Camerata Singers provides high-quality cultural and educational opportunities for a multi-generational audience through the production of choral music recognized for its imaginative programming and performance excellence.

Youth Classes:
P.O. Box 428
Salinas CA, 93902
Caminos Del Arte

Caminos Del Arte  enhances the cultural life of our community by educating our youth, through arts training, mentoring, performance and cultural programs. We teach and promote traditional and nontraditional arts, which fill cultural voids in our community, and we provide leadership skills that will last a lifetime.
1344 Cachuma Ct.
Salinas CA, 93905
(831) 287-0902
Carmel Bach Festival

CBF’s mission is to celebrate the works, inspiration & ongoing influence of J.S. Bach worldwide by immersing audiences in experiences that integrate music, education & ideas, and by meaningful engagement supportive of our diverse communities. We aim to inspire a younger, more diverse, and generally broader population to experience our programs, whether as audience members or students participating in our training programs.

Youth Programs:
P.O. Box 575
Carmel, CA 93921
(831) 624-1521
Carmel Classic Guitar Society

The Carmel Classic Guitar Society (CCGS) promotes the classical guitar through education, workshops, recitals, lectures, and gatherings for the public. The CCGS serves the youth and underserved elderly and ailing residents of Monterey County through its two arts programs The Guitar in Schools and the Healing Guitar.

See Calendar for Classes:

P.O. Box 4324
Carmel, CA 93921
(831) 455-8272

The library is an essential part of life on the Central Coast of California.  Charitable contributions fund 100% of the books, materials, programs, equipment, and services.  Thanks to this generous support, Carmel Library maintains its superior reputation, serving 106,000 locals and visitors from our community, the Central Coast and beyond.

Classes for children (scroll to bottom):

P.O. Box 2042
Carmel, CA 93921
(831) 624-2811
Carmel Visual Arts

Carmel Visual Arts was established by painter Rich Brimer and photographer Carol Henry to build a space where art education, creation and exhibition can be fully explored by artists and the community. Offering art classes & workshops for the beginner and professional artist.

Weekly Art Classes:


3728 The Barnyard, Studio G23
Carmel, CA 93923
(831) 620-2955
Carmel Youth Center

The Carmel Youth Center is committed to providing a positive and academically friendly environment that is safe, drug-alcohol-and-tobacco-free, and is designed for the community youth.

P.O. Box 2399
Carmel, CA 93921
(831) 624-3285
Center for Photographic Art

One of the premier non-profit photographic galleries in the United States & dedicated to the Monterey Peninsula’s tradition of excellence in fine art photography.

San Carlos & 9th – Sunset Center
Carmel, CA 93921
(831) 625-5181
Ceramics Painting Studio / Tenth Street Ceramics

We are always casting , & making new items for our store & studio.We have a large selection of ceramics to paint, we offer workshops in clay & glass fusion jewelry. There are somethings in our store that is very delicate, & we would like Parents to control their children from touching these things. Please control your children, or We will control them for their own safety in our store & studio. Our store & studio is a work place, & not a play ground. Thank you for respecting us and our store & studio spaces.

Click to view various workshops.

1219 Forest Ave. Ste. H
Pacific Grove, CA 93950
(831) 372-0124
Colored Pencil on Toned Paper

Colored pencils aren’t just for kids—many botanical artists use them as their primary medium to create richly colored, highly detailed drawings. Artist-grade colored pencils come in a breathtaking array of colors, and can be especially beautiful on toned paper in shades of gray, blue and brown. Using botanicals as our inspiration, we’ll learn how to layer colored pencil, both on white and toned papers, and how to incorporate other media. All skill levels are welcome!

Ages: 12 – Adult
Dates: Sunday, Mar 18, 2018
Hours: 12:00 – 4:00pm
Instructor: Erin Hunter
Location: The Lyceum
Fee: $60

1073 Sixth Street
Community Partnership for Youth

Community Partnership for Youth (CPY) is a prevention program providing positive alternatives to gangs, drugs, and violence while reinforcing individual strengths. Our vision is to provide our youth with a safe, structured environment that encourages healthy boundaries, positive self-esteem, and the ability to make good choices for a full and successful life.

Programs and Classes:
P.O. Box 42
Monterey, CA 93942
(831) 392-4279
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Dance Kids of Monterey County

Dance Kids of Monterey County was created to provide ongoing performance opportunities in dance and theater arts to the youth of Monterey County. Our mission is to strengthen character and positively influence children’s lives through the performing arts.
321 Alvarado St
Monterey, CA 93940
(214) 762-0703
El Sistema Salinas

Our mission is to transform the lives of youth and communities through inspiration, dedication, discipline, and performance of classical orchestral music.

22576 Toreador Drive
Salinas, CA 93908
(831) 484-9190
Flowers and Birds in Watercolor

Simple shapes indicate the species of bird or flower. The young artists will look at pictures (or bring their own) . With color pencils and a bit of watercolor, beautiful images will be created.

Date: Sunday, April 15, 2018
Hours: 3:00 – 5:00pm
Ages: 8 – 12
Size: Limited to 8 students
Instructor: Julie Heilman
Fee: $35.00 (includes materials)

1073 Sixth Street
Forest Theater Guild

Our mission is to present quality performing arts, and to foster growth and appreciation of the dramatic and allied arts among the broad community, utilizing community talent with a focus on youth mentorship training programs.

P.O. Box 2325
Carmel, CA 93921
(831) 626-1681
Foundation for Monterey County Free Libraries

The Foundation for Monterey County Free Libraries was founded with the goal of supporting vital enhancement programs for the Monterey County Free Libraries. In 1989, Mark Massel left a $100,000 bequest to the county libraries. The head librarian at the time, Dallas Shaffer, had a vision of using the funds to create an institution that would support the local libraries for years to come.

Programs and Classes:
450 Lincoln Ave, Suite 203
Salinas, CA 93901
(831) 424-3564

Our mission is to provide a Salinas World Pop Dance and Leadership program which addresses youth leadership issues in a low-income, high-risk area through dance and the performing arts.

Workshops at Cesar Chavez Library in Salinas on Saturdays from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m.

Salinas, CA
(831) 261-7217
HARA Motion Picture Conservatory

HARA is dedicated to nourishing the hearts, minds, and spirits of young professionals who feel drawn to represent life through new media–providing Monterey Bay high school students film-making and acting training through hands-on experience producing original films in order to prepare them for a sustainable career in the collaborative arts.

Click on 2017 Summer Camp for more details.

2200 Garden Road
Monterey, CA 93940
(323) 946-3979
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I Cantori di Carmel

Our mission is to promote the performance, understanding, and enjoyment of choral music by members of the community.

Check upcoming events for classes.
P.O. Box 1733
Monterey, CA 93940
(831) 372-3674
Introduction to Pen and Ink

Experience crow quill pens, India ink, Japanese brushes and sumi-e ink, Chinese brushpen, bamboo reed pens, and Pigma Micron ink pens. Discover how to make and use walnut ink, California oak gall ink and medieval oak gall ink. Add watercolor to your sketches and drawings for accents. Step by step method and techniques will be followed. Materials will be provided.

Ages: 12 – Adult
Dates: Two Saturdays, May 5th & 12th, 2018
Hours: 1:00 – 3:30pm
Instructor: Sharon Nelson
Location: The Lyceum
Fee: $80 (includes materials)

1073 Sixth Street
Marine Life Studies

Marine Life Studies is a nonprofit organization committed to protecting our oceans, whales, dolphins and other marine wildlife.

Our mission is to acquire knowledge and share knowledge and inspire the next generation of whale, dolphin and ocean conservationists.

We acquire knowledge through on-going research, share and utilize that knowledge to encourage conservation, and inspire the public, especially children,
with our educational programs.

Programs and Classes:
P.O. Box 163
Moss Landing, CA 95039
(831) 239-8608
Monterey County Dance Foundation

The mission of the Monterey County Dance Foundation is to support the performing art of dance in Southern Monterey County through fundraising, event promotion, and event organization that directly benefits performers, youth, and the community of Southern Monterey County.

Programs and Classes:

P.O. Box 1154
King City, CA 93930
(916) 257-2502
Monterey County Youth Museum

The mission of MY Museum is to provide an environment where curiosity and creativity flourish, while both children and adults learn together through experience.

Check Calendar for Classes:
425 Washington Street
Monterey, CA 93940
(831) 649-6444
Monterey Jazz Festival

The mission of Monterey Jazz Festival is to celebrate the legacy of jazz, expand its boundaries, and provide opportunities to experience jazz through performances and education programs.

Programs and Classes:

9699 Blue Larkspur Lane, Suite 204
Monterey, CA 93940
(831) 373-3366
Monterey Museum of Art – Pacific Street

The Monterey Museum of Art inspires appreciation of the evolving California artistic legacy and expands a passion for the visual arts.

Programs and Classes:
559 Pacific Street
Monterey, CA 93940
(831) 372-5477
Monterey Peninsula Choral Society (MPCS)

It is our mission to provide a pleasurable choral singing experience for our members and audiences, and to offer opportunities for our members to grow musically.
40 Nacional Avenue/P.O. Box 7109
Spreckles, CA 93962
(831) 236-2299
Occhiata Productions

Occhiata Productions brings arts engagement to Monterey County Schools through the multi-discipline prism of opera.

Program Information:
P.O. Box 2426
Monterey, CA 93942
(831) 594-7444
Open Ground Studios

We believe art-making feeds the soul… Our education program is rooted in the belief that art and creative personal expression is a vital part of life. We hire local teaching artists to share their passion and technical expertise through classes, workshops, and private lessons. All experiences welcome, ages 13 and up.

Open Ground Studios is an oasis for self-expression through the artistic soul; a safe-haven for the novice, an ally for the professional artist and entrepreneur, and a home for the creative adult.
OGS is a place where art is the vehicle for learning, practice and connection.

Arts Education
1230 Fremont Blvd
(831) 241-6919
Pacific Grove Art Center

Since 1969, Pacific Grove Art Center has been a community based nonprofit seeking to enhance art appreciation and encourage the creation of art. With the desire to have art available to everyone, PGAC has held low cost classes, free exhibits, and offered reduced rent for artist’s studios for over 40 years. Emerging to established artists are professionally shown in our historic galleries, and large group shows can provide the first step into the art world for many. Through generous donations, grants, and hundreds of volunteered hours, the Art Center continues its mission today.


568 Lighthouse Avenue
Pacific Grove, CA 93950
(831) 375-2208
Pacific Repertory Theatre

In celebrating the transforming power of the creative spirit, PacRep Theatre produces bold and daring interpretations of the great plays from the world stage – plays that engage, excite, educate, and inspire – presenting a world class theatrical experience.

Youth Classes and Programs:
P.O. Box 222035
Carmel, CA 93922
(831) 622-0700 / (831) 809-4336
Rainbows and Leprechaun Magic

We will explore color theory based on the colors of the rainbow. Watercolor paints and some fun techniques will provide the “magic”. And maybe we will find some gold!

Ages: 8 – 13
Date: March 17, 2018
Hours: 3:00 – 5:00pm
Instructor: Julie Heilman
Size: Limited to 8 students
Fee: $35.00

1073 Sixth Street
Rancho Cielo

Rancho Cielo’s mission is to partner with our community to provide a safe campus to deliver programs and services that inspire at-risk youth to learn new skills, gain self-esteem and confidence. Our vision is to transform the lives of at-risk youth and empower them to become accountable, competent, productive, and responsible citizens.

Programs and Classes:
P.O. Box 6948
Salinas, CA 93912
(831) 444-3530
Rise Up Singing

Lisa Goettel’s super-fun and heart-led group singing classes are for singers, shower singers and wanna-be-singers alike. No experience required. Lisa leads vocal exercises and teaches songs of every genre in the round, guiding the way to vocal freedom and joy.

Weekly classes for adults (kids 8 and over welcome) every Monday at Evolution Transformative Arts in Pacific Grove and every Wednesday at the Big Sur Charter School in Big Sur, next to the Big Sur Bakery.  Classes are held at 5:30pm and offered by donation.
, , , ,
Salinas Performing Arts

Our mission is to provide cultural stimulation to the community by affording its citizens an opportunity to view, enjoy, and participate in the performing arts, and to encourage and promote the education and training of performers and youth of the community through grants, scholarships, and other forms of aid.

P.O. Box 2817
Salinas, CA 93901
(831) 905-3238
Santa Cruz Art League

The Santa Cruz Art League is an art gallery, theater, classroom, and gift shop. The gallery exhibits are free to the public. The Santa Cruz Art League encourages and supports a wide range of visual and performing artists, professional and recreational alike, in a welcoming environment which celebrates the arts and makes them accessible to the community.

526 Broadway
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(831) 426-5787
Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center

The Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center (SCMAC) supports and encourages the arts through education, exhibition and cultural activities. Explore our site to find art classes and specialty workshops. Join us for good times and friendships through art.

Classes and Workshops (links to adult & youth classes):

9341 Mill Street
Ben Lomond, CA 95005
(831) 336-3513
Santa Cruz Studio School

Santa Cruz Studio School is an art school located in downtown Santa Cruz, CA, offering art students of all ages a variety of experiences aimed toward deepening and sustaining creative artistic expression.


143 S. River Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(831) 457-1374
Seven Directions Institute of Art and Science

Seven Directions Institute of Art and Science is Santa Cruz’s premiere creative center for kids. Seven Directions Institute offers art and science instruction in a lively 2000-square-foot studio with over 75 live animals and countless 3D models to inspire creativity in every student.


303 Potrero St., Suite 7A
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(831) 345-9893
Sol Treasures

Sol Treasures awakens and nurtures appreciation and passion for the arts in people of all ages in South Monterey County and provides a home for creative and inspiring opportunities to unify the community through art and culture. We fulfil our mission through our gallery of local artists, classes in art, music and theater for all ages, and cultural enrichment events.

519 Broadway
King City, CA 93930
(831) 386-9808

The mission of the Soledad-Mission Recreation District is to enrich our community through the provision of programs and facilities that enhance positive, wholesome, and healthy recreation.

Classes (scroll down to art classes):

57- Walker Dr. / P.O. Box 1650
Soledad, CA 93960
(831) 678-3745

The SD mission is to establish a vibrant center for the performing arts offering a wide variety of dance-based activities that connects diverse artists and audiences, bridges disciplines through collaboration, and celebrates the power of dance to inform and inspire. The SD vision is to utilize dance and the arts as a vehicle to open doors, ignite creativity, and fuel the human spirit.

3343 Paul Davis Drive
Marina, CA 93933
(831) 384-1050
Stage Kids Etc.

Stage Kids, Etc. is organized for purposes of providing educational, cultural, and leadership programs and activities for children and young adults, in Big Sur, California, and its surrounding communities.

Summer Program Registration:
P.O. Box 447
Big Sur, CA 93920
(831) 659-4186
Studio 501 Art Studio

Studio 501 is a Studio for Artists in Downtown Santa Cruz offering Art Lessons & Art Classes for Children, Teens, Adults & Seniors, Beginners and Experts welcome. We specialize in oil Painting and Figure Drawing Classes and Lessons.

Class Schedule:

224 Walnut Ave
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(831) 420-1100
Sunset Cultural Center

Our mission is to serve as a multi-purpose gathering place that enriches, educates, inspires, and entertains Monterey County residents and visitors by presenting performances, visual arts, and education programs, and by hosting public, private, and community events.
P.O. Box 1950
Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA 93921
(831) 624-2053

Aditi, Sanskrit for creative abundance, promotes the living arts for daily survival with style through education, youth scholarships, performance and touring, and multicultural programs of ethnic dance and interarts in Monterey County.

Danzas Aditi was formed in 2003 as a professional touring ensemble. Its mission is to choreograph, stage and perform dance concerts featuring traditional and innovative collaborations, with interfaces that accent cultural and artistic commonalities while revealing the authentic uniqueness of each dance.

P.O. Box 4007
Monterey, CA 93942
The Alisal Center for the Fine Arts, Inc

ACFA provides free art classes, exhibits, and performances in the Alisal neighborhood in East Salinas and the greater Salinas area. Through art and creativity transformation can begin. Thank you for your contribution to our center.
P.O. Box 5440
Salinas, CA, 93915
The Lyceum of Monterey County

The Lyceum’s Mission is to inspire a life-long love of learning through enrichment programs that stimulate intellectual promise, awaken individual creativity, and foster academic achievement.

1073 6th St.
Monterey, CA 93940
(831) 372-6098
The National Steinbeck Center

The National Steinbeck Center is located in John Steinbeck’s hometown of Salinas, Calif., a scenic 17-mile drive from Monterey in the heart of Steinbeck Country. The Center offers three distinct visitor experiences in literature and history, agriculture and art, as well special events and educational programs.

Writing Program:
1 Main St.
Salinas, CA 93901
(831) 796-3828
Valley Greens Gallery

Valley Greens Gallery is located in the heart of Carmel Valley Village.  We embrace  all of the wonderful things about Carmel Valley and Monterey County;  the wonderful art scene, the fascinating wildlife and the awe of the landscape are just some of the things we love about the Central Coast that keep us inspired.


16 A. East Carmel Valley Road
Carmel Valley, CA 93924
(205) 807-7144
Youth Arts Collective

The mission of Youth Arts Collective (YAC) is to provide a creative sanctuary for Monterey County youth ages 14 t 22 to explore their potential as artists as they develop personal awareness and self-esteem, social understanding, and an appreciation for contributing in positive ways to their community.

YAC provides supplies, studio space, art training, exhibition and commission opportunities, individual mentoring, and a community unlike any other. We’re open 4 hours a day, 6 days a week, year round.

YAC is open to the public:
Weekdays: 3:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Saturdays: 12:00 noon – 4:00 p.m.
Youth Arts Collective, 472 Calle Principal
Monterey, CA 93940
(831) 375-9922
Youth Music Monterey

Youth Music Monterey’s mission is to inspire excellence in individual students and enrich our community by providing young people with opportunities to participate in, and gain greater understanding of, music and its performance.

546 B Hartnell Street
Monterey, CA 93940
(831) 375-1992
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