Summit Bio – Kenji Tanner

2017 Arts Education Summit

Presenter Biography

Kenji Tanner, International surrealist artist, Kenji’s work has been exhibited in numerous galleries. She is commissioned with Sony Records for various projects. Kenji’s hand beaded art is outstanding beyond compare. She loves using bright colors in her unique style. Kenji is contracted for over a decade with the Arts Council for Monterey County as a Professional Artist in the Schools. She has taught thousands of students throughout the Central Coast. Kenji believes each student is an artist and instills personal empowerment. She teaches various themes and techniques and uses a variety of mediums. Her utilization of positive reinforcements helps each student further themselves artistically than they previously realized. “We have an opportunity to raise children out of inferiority and depression through the use of art. I have witnessed artistic miracles when students come out of the dark, into the light of their own souls.”

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