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Anne Greene

Visual Arts ● Fabric Arts ● Watercolor● Collage● Papermaking

Since 1971 I have been providing students with a multitude of artistic techniques. In addition to traditional drawing, my teachings include exploration of shape and texture, dimensional skills, water awareness through art and poetry, as well as interesting processes from around the world.

Class descriptions:

Art Around the World Grades 3–6

“Travel” worldwide to make shadow puppets from Java, Chinese tangrams, Huichol yarn paintings from Mexico, Japanese Notan and more. Inspired by native cultures, these exciting techniques are taught using child-friendly materials.

Making a Splash! A Water Journey through Art & Poetry 4th Grade only

Students will become aware of the impact water, in its many forms, has on our lives. They will illustrate their watershed showing their homes, nearby river, hills, schools & shops, and roads. The water cycle, aquifer, groundwater will be studied and more, through fun and varied techniques, including texture rubbings, visual poetry, marbleizing paper, rain sticks, and painting the movement of water with watercolors.

Triangles, Circle & Lines, Oh My!: Super Shapes Grades K–5

Explore contour, concentric, geometric and modular shapes through two and three dimensional projects, “stained glass” shapes and concentric shape drawings, masks, mobiles, shadow puppets, sculptures.

Lumpy, Bumpy & Rough: Terrific Textures Grades K–5, 6-hour workshop

Discover textures in the environment and learn how to create textures with various media: painting on textural surfaces, printing with paint, papermaking, rubbings and relief collages. An exploratory course with fun visual surprises; designed for each grade level.

Media Mélange Grades 3–5, 6-hour workshop

A series of projects combining materials in a single work including: imaginary animals using crayons and watercolors, cyclones made of wire and fluorescent paper, crazy hats, festive clay sculptures and collages. Students discover that art can be made from almost anything, and gain an appreciation of the artistic qualities of ordinary objects.

Carmel Valley
Emily Molinar Morales

Theatre • Improv • Script Writing • Story Telling

As a Performer, Director, and Writer rose in the Salinas Valley, Emily Morales has been active in the arts for the past 16 years. As the founder of “Artists Ink”, (a Salinas based organization advocating for local up-and-coming artists) Emily has directed and produced projects such as; Artists Ink’s feature film “A Tree in the Valley” of which depicts the talent, potential and culture of young artists in Salinas. Throughout her career Emily has had the privilege of working with great local companies such as El Teatro Campesino, The Western Stage, Alisal Center for Fine Arts, The National Steinbeck Center, CHISPA, Arts Council for Monterey County and the Arts council for San Benito County. Most recently, her energy and passion for the arts has become focused on teaching and developing young artists. Teaching and growing through the arts, Emily believes in its power and ability to break down barriers and bring communities together.

Music • Singing • Integrated Arts

Every student will benefit from Hilary’s extensive musical talent. Hilary studied both music and international relations at the University of the Pacific. As part of her schooling, she pursued both interests in Warsaw, Poland. This included studies in social policy at the Warsaw School of Economics, and violin at the Chopin Academy. After graduation from Pacific, Hilary continued her studies in policy and development at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. Since then, she has been performing on both piano and violin, and teaching. In addition to her work with the Arts Council, Hilary is a staff member at the Darrell Leffler Academy of Music in San Jose.

Javier Tamayo

Music Theory • Percussion

Jayson Fann

Percussion ● Spirit Nest Group Building ● Visual Arts

Twenty years of percussion practice and performance has taken Jayson around the world- Tunisia, Romania, Bangkok and all places in between. His easy rapport with students of all ages and his simple techniques lead to quick, fun learning of meter, tempo and rhythm interspersed with cultural concepts.

Jayson performs and produces hundreds of concerts and educational programs annually celebrating cultural diversity. His work has taken him to direct a diverse range of artistic projects in Europe, African, Haiti, Cuba and Brazil. He has taught and served as a special consultant for California State University Monterey Bay, San Francisco State University, The Esalen Institute, and the Centro d’Ompio International Center for Holistic Studies. His work has been featured in many prestigious publications such as the London Guardian, BBC, San Francisco Chronicle, New York Times, Conde Naste European Travel Magazine, Sunset Magazine. Jayson is also a visual artist and an architect of Sprit Nests.

Big Sur
(831) 238-1056
Jennifer Haydu

Dance Yoga Movement

Jennifer has over 15 years’ experience teaching and training clients of all ages. She holds national certifications as a personal trainer, medical exercise specialist, Pilates & yoga instructor. Her coaching style is a product of solid credentials, teaching experience, and her passion for lifelong learning. After many years in the dance world, both as a performer and teacher, she works with particular attention to posture, body mechanics & core strength. As a devoted yoga practitioner and teacher she integrates many of those principles into her coaching. One of those principles is the importance of connection with nature. Our personal ecosystem must be understood as part of the larger web and cycles of nature. Health and sustainability are the natural result of individuals and communities that honor that feedback loop. Just as nature is always changing and evolving, so our own health and well-being is a life long journey. Movement is a way to nourish ourselves on that journey, to play and to create art at any age or stage of life.

Pacific Grove
Jose Ortiz

Visual Arts • Murals • Public Art • Illustration

I have worked with hundreds of children and young adults teaching illustration, painting and sculpture. I am a muralist with an emphasis on culture, history, lessons on tolerance, teamwork and diversity.

Former Visual Art Director for Alisal Center for the Fine Arts, Jose has unique knowledge of the need art in schools. He is the founder of the Hijos del Sol muralist movement. Jose received the Benefactor of the Arts Award from the Cultural Council of Monterey County in 1995 and has been the curator for Mi Casa es Tu Casa, Day of the Dead art exhibit for the Pajaro Valley Arts Gallery since 1994. He was a Distinguished Fellow at California State University Monterey Bay for the year 2000.

Juan Sanchez

Music • Percussion • Singing • Theater • Bilingual

Juan-Carlos Gonzalez

Visual Arts • Murals • Public Art

JC Gonzalez is a visual Interdisciplinary and community-based artist. His work includes acrylic, oils, watercolor painting, drawing, murals, installations, and creative happenings using nature, social justice, and human rights as themes; Gonzalez infuses his own abstract painting with a celebration of mother nature, integrating important elements as using whole live organic vegetables and flower plants.

Gonzalez grew up in Salinas, California where he develops, teaches K – 12, mentors; JC is currently the Artistic Director the Urban Arts Collaborative (UAC), a multi-disciplinary, socially conscious arts organization, weaving interconnected issues of critical importance for the community, such as creative expression, food justice, equitable land use policies, and youth leadership.

Gonzalez received his Master in Fine Arts in Creative Inquiry Interdisciplinary Arts in 2014 from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA. He attended San Diego State University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences Art with an emphasis in Studio Arts in 2008.

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Kenji Tanner

Visual Arts

I use many types of media which allow children a freedom of expression including recyclables, acrylics, charcoal, oil pastels and wood shapes. Art is nonjudgmental. I encourage my students to enjoy the process and not focus on the outcome. My lessons go hand –in-hand with building self-esteem and self-worth. Art, to me, is the universal language of happiness, love and preservation of our earth.

Linda Pedrazzini Hevern

Collage • Creative Expression • Drama • Photography • Mandalas • Masks

“My goal is for students to express themselves in meaningful and beautiful ways. I encourage teamwork and sharing insights on values and goals. I am a mixed media artist and have pioneered the practice of expressive arts therapy and the use of tools in human resource development.”

Linda is a professional photographer and multi-media artist with a masters in Creative Arts Education. She received national honors for excellence in program design. Her creation, Salinas Children – Thinking Through Art, exhibited at the National Steinbeck Center and at Salinas City Hall, was a culmination of children’s classes she taught at City Elementary After School Programs and the Migrant Education Art Academy at La Paz Middle School as well as inter-generational community workshops in East Salinas. She is currently working with students on probation and with Second Chance programs.

Marissa Miranda

Visual Arts

I have a strong passion for the arts and a love for children. I try to instill into all of my students that “everyone is an artist”. Together we work to perfect our craft through creating art. My students learn how to use various types of media including: chalk and oil pastels, watercolor and acrylic paints, clay and more.

With a degree in both Arts Education and Museum Studies, Marissa works closely with students, encouraging them to express themselves. When she graduated from C.S.U.M.B, her primary focus with working with middle school children to explore their self-identity. A professional oil painter, Marissa also uses numerous other mediums in her own work as well as in the classroom. She is currently the art instructor at Steinbeck Elementary School in Salinas.

Pilar Mendoza

Folklorico ● Flamenco ● Modern ● Beginning Ballet (bilingual)

Pilar Mendoza learned folk dances in Mexico. Her mother was a dance instructor and Pilar performed in every event her mother organized. As a child she learned that dance, culture and community always go together.

She moved to Greenfield, California in 1994. Here, she volunteered to coordinate dance performances at her daughter’s school. She worked for the Saturday school, teaching folkloric Mexican dances. Once her second child was born, she looked for dance lessons locally for her children. After she found out that there were no programs that offered these activities in Greenfield, Pilar formed ‘Fiesta Mexicana’ a dance group which she managed for 7 years.

At the same time she was working with the PAS program of the Arts Council for Monterey County as a dance instructor.  She worked with children at the elementary level with the after school program, migrant program, and community programs in the south county.

Pilar has been taking music classes at Hartnell College and dance at MPC. She graduated last year from CSUMB with a B. A. in Liberal Studies and did her capstone on how dance assists children with their self-esteem.

Pilar’s dance experience includes line dance, beginner’s ballet, modern, flamenco, and folk regional Mexican. At the moment Pilar works for the Arts Council for Monterey county PAS program, First Night Organization and the Greenfield Arts and Cultural center where she is the director of a the dance group “Arcoiris Cultural” with 35 dancers.

Pilar’s goal in every class she teaches is to improve every child’s confidence through dance.

Sonia Chapa

Visual Arts ● Collage ● Fabric Arts ● Paper Arts ● Repurposed Art

Sonia Chapa is a collage artist who utilizes a variety of recyclable materials with students to create name flags, vision boards, mosaics, and jewelry. Sonia also imparts the intention and techniques of famous artists in their mediums and covers the basics relating to line, shape, form, texture and color. Repurposing materials encourages student creativity and inspires innovation.

Drawing ● Murals● Watercolor ● Collage ● Book Making

Sue Ann enjoys the practice of creating art not only to build a wide range of skills but also as a vehicle for encouraging students to establish their voice. The creative process awakens the mind. Sue Ann encourages teacher collaboration and is happy to incorporate any classroom subject into an art project for cross curricular thinking that can lead to breakthroughs in deeper understanding.

Her experience as a professional artist, art educator and creativity coach has aligned her with the Compassionate Care Alliance, Community Partnership for Youth (CPY), and the Asset Builders Alliance. With a passion for large and small community art projects, Sue Ann weaves this commitment into every class she

Teaches. Her passion enriches every project. Currently, Sue Ann is the art director for CPY; an after-school program for at-risk kids, art teacher at Montessori Learning Center in Salinas, and leads workshops with the Monterey High Art Academy and Lyceum of Monterey.

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