January 2016

Sample Letter to Local School Board Members

Personalize this letter and send it to your school board members to encourage them to invest in arts education as part of the planning process for the Local Control Accountability Plan.

Click here to download a copy of this sample letter as an editable Microsoft Word Document. (.DOCX FILE)


Address; Phone / email

Dear [Name] School Board Members, (please send individually)

[Personalize intro] – I am a parent / teacher / community member / your job or business or other connection to the district.

Like you, I am fully committed to success for every student. Now that so many scientific studies have outlined and underscored the myriad ways that music and the arts engage and empowers every student to achieve at their highest potential, I am urging you to prioritize increasing music and arts education in the district’s 2015-2016 budget and Local Control Accountability Plan.

There are so many benefits:

Higher Scores:  Students of all backgrounds who have regular access to music and the arts have more opportunities to master a range of skills. They are more likely to achieve higher GPA and test scores, graduate from high school and attend college.

Increased Capacity to Learn: Music and the arts develop the 4cs of 21st Century skills: creativity collaboration, community and critical thinking. Music and arts education helps young people learn more completely and deeply. Neuroscientists have recently demonstrated that children engaged in music are utilizing every region of their brain!

Competitive Edge in Workforce: As students develop their own art work, they develop their capacity to create new ideas. In a recent study by IBM, CEOs ranked creativity as the most important leadership quality they were looking for in workers.

A vibrant music arts education program at your schools will also engage the parents and community and inspire them to participate more often in other ways. You will also find that the schools with a comprehensive arts program create an environment that is more beneficial to teachers and staff as well.

For these reasons and so many more, I ask that you approve increased funding overall and prioritize these critical next steps this year:

  • Provide one hour of music and arts instruction for every elementary school student each week
  • Hire at least one full time credentialed music instructor for the elementary grades
  • Hire a Visual and Performing Arts Coordinator to provide leadership, develop additional resources and contract with community-based arts educators.

Thank you for your time, service and consideration.

[Personalize closing]

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